Book Author and Associates

  • Author of the Book "Intercultural Negotiation: Communication Beyond Cultural Barriers" Dr. Daniele Trevisani, Fulbright Scholar, International and Intercultural Communication and Negotiation
  • International Sales Agent for book's Rights Management: Joe Boschetti, Melbourne, Australia. For contact and negotiations about the book's right please refer to Boschetti Books Website
  • Main Associate for Active Intercultural Negotiation Training for Europe: Dr. Prof. Francesco Muzzarelli, Bologna University
  • Academic & Research Associate for International Sales Training and Intercultural Negotiation Training for the United States: Dr. Prof. Jeff Boychuch, University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce
  • Dr. Ginevra Bighini, Intercultural Negotiation Specialist for Japan, Certified Practitioner in 4DM (4 Distances Model) for Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Processes

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Coaching World FederationIn the picture: Dr. Daniele Trevisani during a United Nations Intercultural Training for UN Blue Helmets

Dr. Daniele Trevisani Intercultural Negotiation Coach, Trainer and Consultant

Dr. Daniele Trevisani, Intercultural Negotiation Coach, Trainer and Consultant.

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Skype: dr.daniele.trevisani



  1. Italian (trains in Italian)
  2. English (trains in English)
  3. French (trains in French with minimal local assistance)
  4. Spanish (trains in Spanish with minimal local assistance)
  5. German (trains in German with minimal local assistance)


Daniele Trevisani, Fulbright Scholar, born in 1965, has 30+ years of direct experience as Educator, Communication Trainer and Professor, Human Resources Expert, Human Factor Analyst, Researcher, Consultant and International Trainer, Trainer in Communication and Negotiation, and Special Coach for Commanders Communications, Leaders and Teams.

His expertise encompasses all the fields of Effective Public Speaking, Listening and Speaking Skills, Human Resources and Human Factor, including Interpersonal Communication, Effective Communication, Communication Skills Development, Motivation, Team Building, Talent Management, Coaching and Counseling for Personal Development. For his International and Holistic expertise, he has also become a selected Trainer & Coach for United Nations Blue Helmets  and strategic negotiation training.

He is a researcher and coach for Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Perception Skills, Semiotics (Analysis of Communication), including Mental Training for Communication & Performance.

His status of Fulbright Scholar was achieved for his studies on effective communication and international/intercultural communication research, producing a model (The “4 Distance Model”) nowadays used as training method for special training projects in business and social fields. He obtained the Fulbright Scholarship Award in 1990 (USA Government Fulbright Commission). Under the Fulbright Program he attended Fulbright courses in Intercultural and International Communication at the American University of Washington D.C and obtained the Master of Arts in Mass Communication (with “Academic Distinction”) at the University of Florida (USA) in 1992.

As a Senior trainer and Coach, he holds a distinctive ability in enthusiastically and creatively combining and merging several training approaches, multiple disciplines, from psychology to strategic management and communication skills, with a focus on generating action and change, increasing awareness and focusing.

Beyond front line training and coaching, he is active in the production of new models and concepts in the field of strategic communication, psychology and human potential, providing published contributions to frontier research areas in communication and management sciences.

Training programs have been conducted  in

  • Psyops (Psychological Operations), Humint (Human Intelligence), Info-ops (Information Operations)
  • Train-the-Trainers programs,
  • Intercultural Team Building
  • Train-the-Mentor Programs for UN Forces.
  • Full-immersion experiential courses on “Phenomenology of Communication” and “Methodology of Intercultural Communication and Negotiation”, “Key Leader Engagement”, “Local Leader Engagement”, and several other topics, using experiential training.

Writer of several books in psychology of marketing, communication, human potential and HR, he combines a strong academic background with practical business experience, focus on contribution, and passion for active training.

His Academic Study Curriculum includes.

  • Training in Communication, Drama and Theatre (University of Hull, UK), with European Union study grant obtained for high academic achievements.
  • Professional Master in International Marketing (IFOA Institute, Italy), 1200 training hours in residential full-immersion Program (equivalent to MBA degree).
  • La Sorbonne University (Paris), summer course in Philosophy and French Culture and Civilization (with European Union Study Grant)
  • University of Utrecht, personal research project on Intercultural Communication, with European Union Study Grant
  • Laurea Degree (equivalent to BA+Master of Arts) in DAMS - Performing Arts and Communication Science (University of Bologna, Italy), 5 years program, Graduation With Honors (110/110 “Cum Laude”), and advanced research thesis on Intercultural and International Communication
  • Fulbright Training Program in Intercultural Communication and International Communication (American University of Washington DC, USA)
  • Achieved the Master of Arts in Mass Communication (Master in Communication) at the University of Florida, USA), obtaining the “Graduation with Distinction”.
  • Summer School Specialization in Psychology and Psychometrics (Italian Association of Psychology and University of Bologna and Padua, Italy).
  • Master Diploma in “Coaching. Bodily and Relational Approaches” by UP STEP (STEP Popular University, Ferrara)
  • Achievement of the Degree of Counselor (5 years study program and teaching, at UP STEP (STEP Popular University, Ferrara).
  • Achievement of the degree of “Professor of Communication & Counseling Supervisor” (7 years overall program of study and teaching = PhD equivalent) at UP STEP (STEP Popular University, Ferrara), including 4 years’ experience as Counseling and Coaching educator specialized in Communication. Obtained Dec 29th 2019. Thesis: “Holistic Communication Processes: The 4 Distances Model of Communication and the modeling of Relational Distance”

Current activities range between:

  • Top-Level Education, Coaching and Training in Communication and related areas
  • Business Coaching (one-to-one) and Business Coaching for Business Teams
  • Mental Coaching for Communication, Negotiation and Leadership
  • Training in Intercultural Negotiation and Communication
  • Project management of training programs
  • Research on specific areas of:
    • Semiotics and change,
    • Active Training Techniques, with focus on cross-disciplinary integration
    • Human Potential Research, applied to personal development, management and team performance
    • Coaching and consulting for CEO and senior management level
  • Analysis and improvement of performance and communication of individuals and crews working and in extreme environments and intercultural environments
  • Human Factor and Performance (athletes, managers, educators)

Other professional interests include:

  • Intercultural Communication Theories and Practices
  • Negotiation and Influence
  • Persuasion Research
  • Culture and Leadership
  • Management Methods
  • Active Training Methods
  • Appraising Competencies
  • Effective Communication
  • Presentation Skills & Public Speaking
  • Negotiation Skills with Active Training Methods
  • Communication and Persuasion
  • Psychology of Motivation
  • Team Development, Building Engagement and Motivation
  • Coaching for High Performance Teams
  • Human Factor
  • Human Potential
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Marketing Semiotics
  • Information and communication technologies

Special fields of training

Intercultural Communication Areas

  • Intercultural Teamwork
  • Intercultural Team Leadership
  • Cross-Cultural Training
  • Intercultural Key Leader Engagement
  • Local Leader Engagement in Intercultural Environments
  • Intercultural Team working
  • Intercultural Communication Management
  • Diversity Analysis
  • Team Building for International Organizations
  • Intercultural Management and Project Management
  • Cross Cultural Communication Campaigns,
  • Crisis Management in Intercultural Environments
  • Cross-cultural analysis

Special areas in Human Factor

  • Human Potential, Human Factor in Organizations,
  • Crew Management in Challenging Environments and Intercultural Environments
  • Human Performance & Intergroup Communications
  • Optimal Functioning when Working Under Pressure
  • Personal Development Models

Further Areas

  • EBO (Effects Based Operations)
  • Psyops – Psychological Operations & Persuasive Communication
  • Humint (Human Intelligence)
  • Information Management and Information-based operations
  • Problem Solving Skills and Psychology
  • Management Areas
  • Team and Organizational Development
  • Team Building
  • Change Management
  • People Management
  • Strategy & Leadership
  • Personal Coaching for Management Development
  • Marketing and Psychology of Marketing
  • Relationship Management
  • Sales & Strategic Selling
  • Information Management & Communication Technology
  • Train-the-Trainers programs
  • Psychology and Crisis-Communication
  • Local Leader Engagement
  • Key Leader Engagement

Special Research Areas

  • Holistic Communication (integrating Semiotics, Verbal & Nonverbal communication)
  • Holistic Personal Development Programs
  • Human Performance
  • Barriers to Effective Interpersonal Communication
  • Personal Resources Assessment
  • Psyops – Psychological Operations
  • Mental Training and Mental Readiness for Negotiation
  • Intercultural Communication in Negotiation
  • Intercultural Negotiation Skills
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Phenomenology of Communication (analysis of communication from a holistic standpoint)
  • Key Leader Engagement
  • Local Leader Engagement
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Advanced Listening Skills
  • Effective Intercultural Public Speaking
  • Preparation of complex role-playing
  • Train-the-Trainers courses in Intercultural Communication and Negotiation
  • Observation and Enhanced Perception Skills
  • Communications in Crisis Management
  • Team Communications: Coordination, Information Flows and Cooperation
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Mental Training for Communication and Relationship Tasks

Special Areas in Psyops and Info-Ops Training

  • Psychological Operations Planning using Semiotic Models
  • Change Management Modeling and Focusing: the X-Y Change Model
  • Mission Success, Mission Analysis and Focusing

Details of Published Books (Italian titles translated)


Corporate, Personal and Organizational Competitiveness

Tools for the Development and Creation of Value.

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2000. 224 pages

Marketing & Communication Psychology

Buyer's Drives, Persuasion Tools, New Strategies for Communication and Management.

 Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2001. 256 pages.

Buying Behavior & Strategic Communication

From the Analysis of Consumer Behavior to Communication Management.

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2003. 288 pages.

Intercultural Negotiation: Communication beyond cultural barriers

From internal Relations to International Negotiations.

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan. 2005. 172 pages.

The Direction of Change

Integrated Approaches in Human Resources, Organizational Development and Coaching.

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan. 2007. 240 pages.

Human Potential

Methods for Training, Coaching and Performance Development.

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan. 2009. 240 pages.

Strategic Selling

Psychology and Communication in Consultative Selling and Complex Sales.

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan. 2011.280 pages.

Personal Energy. A Map to Empower Mental Energies

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2013. 100 pages.

Team Leadership and Operational Communication

Principles and Practices for Continuous Individual and Team Improvement.

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2016. 244 pages.

Communication & Marketing Strategies.

A 12 steps Method for Persuasive Communication Campaigns.

Franco Angeli Publisher, 2017.  123 pages.

Psychology of freedom.

Unleashing People's Potential

Mediterranee Publisher, 2018. 261 pages.

Active Listening and Empathy.

The Secrets of Effective Communication

Franco Angeli Publisher, 2019. 196 pages.

Let's be clear.

The Four Distances Model for Effective and Constructive Communication.

Gribaudo-Feltrinelli Publisher, 2019. 250 pag.

Sales Direction & Leadership.

How to Coordinate and Train Salespeople to Create an Effective Team.

Franco Angeli Publisher, 2020. 126 pages.

The Soul Box.

From Ancient Wisdom to Human Potential Research.

Medialab Research Publishing, upcoming.90 pages.

Semiotics for Leaders.

The Exa-Leadership Model for Leadership and Human Potential Development.

Medialab Research Publishing, upcoming.197 pages.

Communication for Leadership.

Coaching Leadership Skills.

Medialab Research Publishing, upcoming.213 pages.

The Change Directors

(Russian Edition, 2008)

Akvilon Publishing, Kiev. 286 pages.


Companies whose managers participated to dr. Daniele Trevisani’s Training and Educational Events include:

  • Siemens Healthcare, Intel Corporation (Germany Division), UN (United Nations), Carnival Corporation (Costa Cruises), National Institute of Nuclear Phisics (INFN), Italian Institute of Metrology (INRIM), Area Science Park (Sincrotrone), Ricoh Europe, Frost & Sullivan (London), LRA (Learning Resources Associates, Reed Business Group London), Barilla, Coop Italia, IIR (Institute of International Research, Milano), Arch-Chemicals, Panini Modena, Fedon, Zhermack, Roche, Johnson Wax, Sanofi Synthelabo Otc, Abb Sace Spa, Esseco, Fip, Banca Carige, Volksbank, Chiesi Farmaceutici, Enel, Centrum Pensplan, Solvay-Benvic, Solvin, Vinyloop, Digital, IBM, FS, Alitalia, Società Autostrade, Deutsche Bank, Banca Di Roma, Merloni, Nobel Biocare, Hewlett Packard, Ajilon Gruppo Adecco, Dade Behring, Marazzi Ceramiche, A.M.A., Arag, Bcs, Bell, Bondioli e Pavesi, Caffini, Cbm, Cnh Italia, Comer Industries, Dana Italia, Demac, Falc, Gallignani, Gamberini, Gnk Waltersheid Gmbh, Goldoni, Grillo, Honda, Italtractor Itm, Kuhn Italia, Landini, Laverda, Malesani, Mutti, Negrisolo Costruzioni, O.M.B, O.R.M.A, Peruzzo, Rinieri, Roc, S.A.E., Same Deutz Fahr Group, Sgariboldi, Sicma, Sider Man, Slam, Storti International, Tecnoagri, Tifone, Trelleborg Wheel System, Ceres, Normann Copenhagen, GLS Logistics, Norfolkline, Gasa, Uffefrank, Eise, Publicitas, DMA, Scavangegt, Tulip Food, Eise Gug, Ambu, SagaFood, Holger Christiansen, Blue Water Shipping, Danish Crown, Atahotels, ETF, Rulli Rulmeca, Polar Seafood, Pharma Nord, Syddansk Universitet, Bang & Olufsen, IFOA (Istituto di Alta Formazione per Operatori Aziendali), Zeuna Starker P.I Industria Attrezzature Elettroniche, Petroltecnica, Electra, Associazione Industriali Reggio Emilia, Associazione Industriali Rimini, Assopiastrelle, Royal Consulate of Danmark (Milano), Associazione Industriali Modena, Enetworks, ADM Associati.
  • Cooperatives: Coop National School, Coop Italia, Coop Adriatica, Coop Tirreno, Unicoop Firenze, Coop Estense, Novacoop, Coop Emilia-Veneto, Coop Toscana-Lazio, SAIT, DICO. Coop Nordest. Aziende Cooperative in altri settori: Lega Coop Ravenna, Coop Zerocento, Coop Atlantide, Cesvip (Centro di Sviluppo Manageriale).
  • Industrial Associations: Confindustria, Lions Club, Rotary, Ass. Albergatori, Confcommercio, CNA, Ascom, Casse Rurali, ANDAF National Association of CFO and Administrative Directors.
  • Foreign Consulting represented in Italy: Commax Consulting AG (Munich), Frost & Sullivan Training Division (London), Akvilon (Kiev), Pareto UK (Wilmslow, UK).
  • Research on Communication has been conducted on behalf of the European Union in top-companies including: Ferrari Cars, Ducati Motor, Giglio, Barilla, System Ceramics, Guaber, Sacmi, Maserati, Cognetex, Apofruit, Enichem, Castelli, Baltur, IMA, Centro Computer, Lamborghini, Panini.
  • As expert in communication and management, he has been involved by the European Commission in several Development projects in Eastern Europe, including Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Russia. Some of his books are currently translated in Russian and Romanian Languages, with ongoing translation projects also in English, Arabic, and Spanish.